Your sleeping with W H O??!!

So a little before Thanksgiving I was invited to a gathering at a friends house. I would usually casually decline because I’m low key anti-social, but instead I disregarded my better judgement and tagged along. I was told it was going to be a intimate event, but sadly it turned into something totally opposite.

So before I went to my friends house I “pre-gamed” so I could be relaxed since it was going to be a chill evening with some close friends. I arrived and the usual people were there so I was content. I sit down with my wine (already somewhat lit) and started chatting with my friend. Out of no where *DING DONG*…who could that be? (she know I don’t do outsiders or pop-ups). Its her friend (we’ll call her sausage out of respect for identity purposes) and I was not told she would be in attendance.

Now I know your reading this like dang girl stop being so anti, but you don’t understand how messy this small place can be. So Sausage comes In, sits down, and tells me she’s been D Y I N G to get to my phone. So now I’m convinced this girl must be drunk because we are not, I repeat are N O T friends. So I look at her in confusion like “My” phone? Shes like yea, “your” phone. So I asked, “why”? She proceeds to tell me how we have a mutual, key word “mutual” friend, and she wanted to see her Facebook. So knowing me and my “anti-socialness” (is that even a word?) I ask what friend because I don’t have many. She tells me the letter of her name and I instantly knew EXACTLY who she was talking about. I knew she wasn’t her friend as well so I asked why she needed to see her Facebook.

She then proceeds to tell me how shes S L E E P I N G with her husband and shes just trying to make sure the marriage is truly over. I was in DIS-B-F-ING-LIEF! How dare you I thought. I had just recently kind of tapered away from the friendship because she had up and left out of no where without saying bye or even giving an explanation. Last me and my other friend heard she and her husband were having issues and he was having an affair. Now here I am sitting right here beside the MISTRESS! To reiterate, I pregamed before I got there and by now im taking shots of who knows what, and I was pissed.

I cursed him up and down in front of her and told her he was surely married as we previously had a family night with the couple if not a month ago. I was so pissed, again. So I tell her I’m upset now because I dont appreciate being pulled into drama, but I also didnt appreciate her approaching me about it as if I was going to be OK with her sleeping with my friends husband, and she wasn’t even her mutual friend (rolls eyes). The rest of the evening I felt betrayed for not only my friend, but I felt betrayed by my friend who invited to her home. How dare she let this girl come in and involve me in something I had no business being involved in.

The rest of the evening went smooth on the outside, but on the inside I felt SO SO SO SO B A D! I was irritated inside watching this girl (sausage, whose also married to a man overseas by the way) not only inquire about my friends husband, but then proceeds to be frisky and flirty with my husband friends as we play a game of UNO while she gets drunk. She clearly does this often.

Next day I was still furious. I don’t know what it is but infidelity is a pet peeve for me. I take it very S E R I O U S. So I open up to a mutual friend of my friend who is married to the cheating husband. She then proceeded to tell her since we both felt very bad. The wife was furious, but she kept her cool. She approached him, he approached Sausage, and know what sausage does? TELLS HIM I TALKED SMACK ABOUT HIM (As if i cared). I was furious, again.

So I call my friend whose house this happened at and guess what all she wanted to know? “Well how did it get back to his wife”?, is what she wanted to know. FIRST OF ALL don’t come checking me before you check your trifling a** friend!

Since the fall out I’ve been as distant as I can be. Staying to myself, never detouring from the routine. See my friend, She thinks because it has nothing to do with her then she is safe. She feels it wont change, nor alter her lifestyle because its not her business. But I heard in a sermon that “even a rock changes form during the course of weathers”. You can be solid as a rock, but even in its own environment it still changes shape without really noticing.

People’s demons have ways of jumping on you, changing your thoughts and actions. I’ve been through that and seen it happened to people over and over again. Besides, birds of a feather flock together, and I’m just not that kind of girl…..