Suffering Veterans…sigh

Everyday I encounter Veterans at my job just wanting whats due! They fought for our country, they served their time and our country. Why is it that we can’t hold our end of the bargain?

Today a Vet came in complaining because he just had his vein removed out his leg due to heart surgery and now has been told he has been affected by this chemical from when he served in Vietnam called “Agent Orange”.

They promised him 60% on top of 30%, but some how he’s only getting 50%. On top of that, their paying him as if he was a single Veteran. He’s been married for almost 54 years.

This is our reality. This is every veterans nightmare. To be disable, disfigured, and disappointed in your country for not holding up their end of the bargain, and leaving you and your family to pick up the pieces after all is lost.

Time is lost.

For what? Who are we really fighting for?

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