Living on Purpose.

Oh how this hit home for me. Currently following my dreams as we S P E A K.

The Woke Life

Millennials question the norm. We differ from our parents, who strived for the mundane because it meant stability. Instead, we seek out something more than the aimless simplicity of the day-to-day. That need of fulfillment is prevalent in our minds for a reason. Recognizing the value of happiness as well as security.

Acting without a reason seemingly negates the actions all together. Graduates commonly find themselves with a void that needs filling after college life. Instead of pursuing a career they personally deemed gratifying, a path has been adhered to without a reason. Posing the question of “What Now?” This gives the illusion that time is limited or being wasted, when really our focus just needs to be narrowed in.

Ask yourself, what comes easily for you? What brings you pure joy? This is the first step. The singing puppets from Broadway Musical, Avenue Q, say it best when they…

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