Through D A N C E

I’ve been trying to think of ways to loose weight. Through the Gym? Through meal prep? Keep diet? But I want to enjoy it, ugh! What can I do!? Well, there was those days when you would jump around in the kitchen floor actin as if you were a ballerina or hip hop movie. Who said you have to give up on your true spirit animal just because life got in the way? Lets lose weight through D A N C E! I’ve always enjoyed dancing but it’s seems that when I graduated high school, became an adult, got married and had babies, life just got in the way. I gave up on those things, thinking it could never be. Although I lay secretly in bed starring at dance YouTube videos like playground La. I miss dancing 😩. I miss feeling free and loose, free spirit. But more importantly it kept me in shape then, so I know I could snap back with dancing now. I have the time, I just need the resources. Looking like 2019 will start off with #OperationFindchoreographer

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