Reset the Mindset

A Black King and his Prince.

Black Kings and Queens. Its time we DE-condition and Recondition. We are Raising little Kings and Queens who will eventually grown up and start to raise their own. So why do we rip them of their little hopes, dreams, achievements, and goals by calling them something that would be anything less. I’ve heard parents call their kids everything but Kings and Queens. Maybe on social media, but not to their faces. This is conditioning them to settle for these terms from EVERYONE, especially if their hearing it from their own parents.

I want to start a movement. a #ResetTheMindset MOVEMENT.

Black Kings, its time we erase the “lil nigga” and start reminding our lil PRINCE’s that they will one day be KINGS too. Black Queens, Its time we start reminding our lil PRINCESSE’s that they will one day be QUEENS as well. Lets STOP conditioning them FOR the streets and start conditioning them for a world OUTSIDE the streets. They can be anything they want to be and take any route they please when they are of age. But as children, we should condition them to be the BEST that they can be, and view themselves as future Kings and Queens. Changing the world, Showing their MAGICAL MELANIN powers, and Making us PROUD to be BLACK.


Life Time Best-Friend 🖤

I turned over this morning and opened my eyes to my best-friend. I mean, I’ve been opening my eyes up to him for over several years now, but this morning was different. It’s a warm feeling, something most unfortunately, never feel. He’s my life-partner, the person I chose to spend the rest of my life with. I love him, he loves me back. The feelings are all mutual, one in the same. We both, learning how to agree to disagree and how to compromise on higher levels. Through good times and bad times our feelings always remaining the same. Several years I’ve been opening my eyes to you. Wow, I’m shocked my damn self. I really did not plan for this at all! God knew what he was doing when he made me for you, and you for me. People ask us all the time “tell me the secret, how did y’all make it”? I think it’s because we chose one another, even when the times get hard I still choose you.

Soul drop

  • If you’ve felt like everyone is against you, or feeling some type of way about you, have you ever looked in the mirror and said ”maybe i’m feeling this way about myself” ? Sometimes there’s really no issue with anybody, the issue is with yourself. There’s no issue but your own. It’s called “accountability”. – Soul
  • What am I going to do…like literally?

    Good morning, afternoon, evening, where ever you are. Where I am its 7 AM and i’m literally up thinking about my life and my “purpose” early this morning. I’m at that weird age and stage of my life where you feel like your just “here” and haven’t really found out what it is that I want to do with my life. Like really, have you ever just thought to yourself “What in the hell am I here for?”. You have your photographers, your rappers, your singers, your fashionistas, your make-up artist, the list goes on. But where do I fit?

    Lately I’ve been slowly learning more and more about myself. My likes and dislikes, my little hobbies that i’m interested in (like blogging) but I fall off here and there *sigh*, again WTH am I here for!? I know what your thinking “you don’t know your likes and dislikes already”? Listen, when you get to age 26 you realize those things you once loved and couldn’t get enough of, well you will get enough of and the taste buds in fact DO change.

    Am I writer? I mean don’t get me wrong I was never the person in school getting super excited when the teacher said “Are you guys excited for the new topic we’re writing about this week?”…..

    But I’m almost certain I do enjoy writing about what “I” like to write about. I also have a niche for music. I was a singer for almost all my life in church, chorus and even was in a show choir!

    I know right. Yes, I was in a full blown show choir for 3 years of my high school career and I absolutely loved every single year of it because I enjoyed performing! But I could never see my ready to be 2 babies deep, full grown woman (add like 40 more pounds from high school), with a whole husband and all performing on a stage again. So yet again here I am, WTH am I here for?!

    I’m seriously perplexed. Like I feel so overwhelmed and feeling like i’m loosing time because I haven’t figured it out yet. I’m seeing everyone doing SOMETHING and yet I feel like I’m doing nothing, and don’t get me started on what I’ve been told. “Oh your a mother your doing A LOT of something” or “You are the woman of the house your doing something good everyday”. Yea, this maybe true but I want to do something for myself. No mom likes to hear about how shes “Such a MOM” like we don’t already know!

    Sometimes us “Moms” want to be viewed as something else other then being a mom and/or wife all the time. What about me? Without the obvious titles, without the everyday chores that most of the time are overlooked and under appreciated because its seriously “WHAT I’M SUPPOSE TO DO”! I want to find my purpose, what is it that I can do that would be viewed as unique and awesome about my own self? Well on to my journey of finding my “purpose” until next time….

    1 week down, How many more can I go?

    So to catch our new readers up, I’ve completed 1 week of NO SMOKING, and it wasn’t as hard as I thought!

    I know right? I really do think its all “mental” as my friend would say. Yea, some days when I was home and bored the thought was there but I just reminded myself of all the other things I could have been doing and did that instead.

    So what did you benefit from not smoking?

    • Less procrastination
    • More family time
    • Saved money
    • Weight Loss
    • Saved more cans of air freshener hahahaha!

    But to be honest, I think I OD’d on the “addiction” part. I’m not addicted to marijuana, I think I just let it get out of hand because where I live there’s really nothing else to do.

    What were some Con’s of not smoking?

    • Headaches trying to make an appearance
    • broken sleep
    • loss of appetite

    Remember what I told you about those migraines? Well yes, their trying to make an appearance. Its weird because I’m having like little headaches near my ears, almost near my temples. Lots of insomnia, like falling asleep as late as 3 am and only eating about once a day (which helped me drop a pound or 2).

    So what now?

    To be honest, idk. I think I’m going to keep going as long as I feel like I want to go. This almost feels like a game to me only because y’all don’t understand the friendship between me and maryJ. This almost feels like the kind of scenario when your trying to avoid a friend because of their toxic ways but at the same time their the life of the party *Sigh*. But for now, I’m going to keep up the good work of keeping my word.

    January 1, 2019.

    I woke up feeling G R E A T this morning! Its something about a New Year that makes you feel like its a clean slate. Yes, the same sun will rise and set, but its the first day of a new 365 days. I didn’t want to go out of 2018 with a party, being turned up, drunk, and high as ever. I really did want a


    So what am I changing? What are my cliche resolutions for 2019? Well, its not much. Actually its pretty simple, and I only have 5.

    1. S T O P being friends with Mary Jane (no smoking).
    2. S T O P indulging in other peoples drama.
    3. G A I N self control
    4. T R A V E L!
    5. save, save, S A V E!

    Pretty simple right?

    I think the only part I struggle with the most is number 1. See, Mary Jane found me at a very vulnerable and messy time. N O, I’m not saying there’s anything wrong with a little weed here and there. But I do believe it can get out of control if you let it, just like any other addiction. Yes you heard me, addiction.

    I knew it was a problem when I told myself multiple times “OK we’re not going to smoke today” (yes that’s me talking to me), but yet I still ended up rolling a L before the end of the day.

    I was so disappointed in myself.

    So for 2019 I promised myself that I wasn’t going to do it until I felt strong enough to have some self control. At first, I smoked because I was always in pain and it seemed to have helped. I no longer had chronicle headaches, no more back pain, no more hip pain, no more pain. It also helped me with stress. No more worrying, complaining, nagging, or trying to control everything.

    I was a smooth sailing human being 😊

    Until I realized this is getting expensive and now I’m just doing it to do it, not because I necessarily need it. So I decided its time to S T O P. But I learned something about myself at that very moment.

    I don’t have any self control, I cant stop. 🤦‍♀️

    So you know what I did?

    So this year My most focused resolution is to stop smoking. I don’t know for how long, maybe a few months, maybe forever.

    But I just want to see how my body will react and see if marijuana really did help my body pains and migraines like I thought. In Cali and other places marijuana is legal and used for medical purposes. Marijuana has also saved the lives of people who suffer with chronic pain and seizures. This is why I don’t see it as a crime or wrong. But I will say, it can getting out of control if you let it, just like any “too good” of a thing, so here goes.

    Wish me luck 🤞